TW1000 CS-defense sprays are extremely effective for the defense against criminals and violent perpetrators and are freely available in the German market.

Handling is simple and secure. The effects are immediate: severe eye and upper-respiratory irritation, burning pain in the face and throat, strong tear-response, and feelings of fear and anxiety act to instantly incapacitate the target. When used as directed, TW1000 products are not known to cause lasting damage to health.

Tested and Certified by the BKA
TW1000 CS-defense sprays for personal defense are tested in Germany by the Aero Institute of Biology of the FRAUNHOFER Society in accordance with German Arms Regulations. These defense sprays can be bought without a firearms license in Germany and have been awarded the BKA approval label “BKA 1r2”.

TW1000 Pepper-Fog


  • powerful conical spray stream
  • stable CS-irritant solution with immedate impact
  • great expansion of the irritant
  • full irritation of eyes and respiratory organs
  • guaranteed accuracy
  • low risk of missing the attacker
  • with BKA mark of conformity
  • free for sale from the age of 14 years