Not only German federal and state authorities rely on “TW1000 security products – Made in Germany”. As an official supplier to international authorities our products are used worldwide:


Federal Police
German Federal Armed Forces
German Federal Bank
German Bundestag
Police Baden-Wuerttemberg
Police Bavaria
Police Berlin
Police Brandenburg
Police Bremen
Police Bremerhaven
Police Hamburg
Police Hesse
Police Mecklenburg Western Pomerania
Police Lower Saxony
Police North Rhine-Westphalia
Police Rhineland-Palatinate
Police Saarland
Police Saxony
Police Saxony-Anhalt
Police Schleswig-Holstein
Police Thuringia

Customs Authorities


Police Belgium
Police Denmark
Police England

Police Estonia
Police France
Police Italy
Police Japan
Police Croatia
Police Lithuania
Police Netherlands
Police Northern Ireland
Police Norway
Federal Police Austria
Austrian Armed Forces
Police Poland
Police Portugal
Police Romania
Police Switzerland
Police Slovenia
Police Spain
Police Taiwan
Police Tunisia
Police Czech Republic
Police Hungary
Police Cyprus
Military of Sweden