What characterizes modern irritants is that they work effectively, instantly, and safely and that they are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This is a complex matter that requires much expertise and know-how regarding chemical substances and the way they interact with the technical device.

Over 120 years of experience in security technology and medical and research guarantee the exceptional quality of our materials and agents and the performance of our spray systems.

Our goal is to produce products that precisely meet customer product specifications, without unnecessary side effects. Over the years, our in-house research and certified laboratory analysis has proven its worth in the development of our agents and formulations. Only a carefully balanced combination of all components guarantees the required effects without risk for humans and the environment.

Agent: OC – Oleoresin Capsicum
OC is a natural pepper extract obtained from the extremely hot small fruits known as chili peppers of Capsicum frutescens and/or Capsicum annuum L. The heat of the fruit depends on the presence of capsaicin and its derivatives. The amount of Capsaicinoides is analytically determined in our own laboratories. The OC used in our formulas is nontoxic, has no known side effects, and is of food-grade quality in our TW1000 products.

Agent: PAVA – Pelargonic-vanillylamide
The synthetically-produced irritant PAVA is based on capsaicin, one of the three main active components of the natural pepper extract. PAVA was originally invented as an inexpensive substitute for the natural capsaicin used in pharmaceutical, circulation-enhancing applications, such as patches used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The similarities between the synthetically produced PAVA and natural capsaicin suggests similar efficacy.

Agent: CS – Ortho-Chlorbenzylidenmalonitril
In the 1950s, CS was introduced as a second-generation irritant substance and replaced the classic eye-irritant CN (Chloracetophenon). Since then, CS has been used in tactical devices for police use. The irritants CS and CN have long been approved for use in over-the-counter defense sprays in Germany. More recent studies have not produced any new insights that would call into question the use of these irritants as safe active ingredients in defense sprays.