Established in Magdeburg, Germany, in 1896, HOERNECKE is now a fourth-generation familiy business. Since 1962, the primary focus of the company is the development, production and sales of security products for human protection.

More precisely, HOERNECKE has specialized in the production of irritant agents and non-lethal spray devices. The original TW 1000 security products for personal self-defense and professional use have matured into a versatile series of devices equipped with highly functional system elements.

Over 120 years of experience in security technology and medical research guarantee the high quality of the contents and the performance of our spray systems.

Quality Management
We are committed to complying with statutory, regulatory, and customer specific requirements in the manufacturing processes of all our products. The quality control management system ISO 9001, which we have been using since 2002, contributes significantly to managing and maintaining quality. Our planning, controlling and production are regularly checked and examined for ways to improve.

Furthermore, our quality management system provides standardized instructions for development, environmental management, health and safety, data protection and stability testings. In our modern laboratory, comprehensive analytics are all available under one roof. With our trained personnel under academic guidance, we make optimal use of the current possibilities of comprehensive quality assurance, including gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography.

In order to assess product quality, our qualified staff continually carry out tests throughout all of the production process. Any products that do not comply with specifications are then removed from the process. This means constant quality  assurance, from the raw materials to the finished product. We conduct in-process controls as well as inspections of incoming and outgoing goods, and, where necessary, certificates of analysis guarantee quality and safety.

Company History
Our company was founded in Magdeburg in 1896 by Carl Wilhelm Hoernecke (1856-1926). Under his son Carl Valentin Christoph Hoernecke (1892-1973), the company developed into a major chemical-pharmaceutical manufacturing operation.

After the Second World War, political events led to the establishment of an additional factory near Stuttgart. Here, in 1962, Peter Hoernecke discovered new possibilities arising from the use of spray bottles in the administration of active ingredients. Based on his own research, he began to develop spray substances and devices for personal self-defense use. The “Original TW1000” brand has been on the market since and has matured into a versatile range of devices to meet the needs of individual users.

As a fourth-generation familiy business, the company is currently led by Thomas Hoernecke, the great-grandson of Carl Wilhelm. Today, the company is one of the leading international suppliers of irritant spray devices for self-defense and law enforcement. With the establishment of a technical division, we now also specialize in the development and manufacture of high-quality technical products and components.

From our plants in Oberstenfeld near Stuttgart, HOERNECKE products are sold all over the world.

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