If it comes to the use of defense sprays, we recommend to provide first aid as follows. As an effective immediate measure, we also recommend our TW1000 EHS-02 First Aid Spray, which can be used to relieve eye and skin irritation.

  • Keep calm, judge the situation

  • Talk calmly to the contaminated person

  • Expose the contaminated person to fresh air

  • Remove contaminated clothing

  • Those wearing contact lenses should be allowed to get rid of them

  • Wash contaminated parts of the body with a lot of cold water

  • If possible rinse eyes with an isotonic sterile solution like TW1000

  • Do not use warm or hot water

  • Do not use creams or salves

  • Keep the body of the contaminated person in an upright position

  • Prevent any position of the body that makes breathing more difficult
    (no lying flat on the belly).

  • Observe those concerned during the period of effect

  • In case of emergency consult a doctor