Our highly functional professional devices for the civilian market benefit from our know-how from years of cooperation with the police and have been optimized in continuous development for professional use. Among other things, high-quality reusable devices with exchangeable replacement cartridges in several designs are available. Choose between pepper sprays or CS defense sprays with BKA certification.

Professional devices as pepper sprays
You can purchase our professional devices as freely available pepper sprays for self defense. These devices are equipped with a replaceable OC refill cartridge. In Germany, the cartridge and the case are each labeled as a defense spray against dangerous animals.

Professional devices as CS-defense sprays
Our professional devices are also available as CS defense sprays. They are tested by the German Institute of Aerobiology at the Fraunhofer Society in compliance with the provisions of the German Weapons Law. They are approved for license-free sale and registered with the „BKA 1r2“ BKA mark of conformity. The cartridge and the housing are each marked with the mark of conformity.